Mainit in 1749

By: Zimbodillion Mosende

This is a reproduction of a page from “En la Isla de Mindanao, y Provincia de Caraga del Obispado de Zebu tenemos los Pueblos, y Ministerios Siguentes” in the Recoleto Archives in Marcilla, Spain as printed in the book of Fr. Peter Schreurs, MSC Caraga Antigua 1521-1910 The Hispanization and Christianization of Agusan, Surigao, and East Davao (2nd Edition, 2000) National Historical Institute

It says that: “Pueblo de Mainit … y de seis cientos, y diez Almas”
Meaning, that in 1749, the town of Mainit had a population 610 (almas or souls or believers).

Notice too that the present day municipality of Jabonga, Agusan del Norte is referred to as Pueblo de Habongan.

I thought that in the middle 1800s, Mainit was just a barrio of Placer, in reference to the leadership of Don Capitan Hilario Mosende (Ayong). Apparently, as early as 1749 (Shreurs, 200o), Mainit was already considered a “pueblo” of the Province of Caraga, together with Sapao (pop: 635), Gigaquit (pop: 700), Surigao (pop: 500), Caolo (Old name of Siargao – pop: 850).

The ‘Lac de Sampongan’ (French for Lake of Sampongan) in the 1752 map of “Du Roy” must be referring to the Lake of Habongan or the present-day Lake Mainit where Jabonga shares part of the lake.

Other related photos:

The title of the document where the 1749 population data of Mainit was printed.

Excerpt’s from Fr. Schreurs’ book on the above Recoleto documents.



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